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Wayland BSM sees salvations, recommitments during student orientation🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Hirschfeld on September 7, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“It was buzzing, it was loud, and the students were responding really well to the worship and the message,”

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Preparing for the future and leaving a lasting impact through TBMF and FreeWill🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Hirschfeld on August 30, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“It was just so easy to use it, and they explained every aspect of it, so it wasn’t overwhelming. I didn’t feel like I had to wade through difficult legal terms,”

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Camp Fusion brings together intercultural students from around Texas, sees salvations and rededications to Christ🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Hirschfeld on August 25, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“This is such a special place because we’re able to develop leaders through the local churches and lead them as they grow, first as campers, then as counselors and leaders.”

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