BOUNCE student missionaries rehabilitate homes, learn the value of missions over spring break🔸极速赛车168开奖官网开奖

by Meredith Poe on March 20, 2023 in News 🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

Students from Mobberly Baptist Church participated in the BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery trip over spring break doing community rehabilitation projects in the Beaumont–Port Arthur area on Hurricane Harvey affected homes.

“Missions equal spiritual maturing,” said Will Hagel, youth pastor at Mobberly Baptist Church. “There are aspects of missions that are not a part of other parts of church for students. Sundays, Wednesday nights, camp — those are pouring into the kids. Missions are a chance for students to pour out and stretch themselves. It’s a form of worship.”

Projects included redoing flooring inside, tearing off siding and insulation that rotted and putting on new siding and painting.

Director of BOUNCE David Scott shared that these projects have a profound impact on homeowners as the six-year anniversary of the hurricane approaches.

“To live in a state of devastation for that length of time, there can be hopelessness,” Scott said. “But there is encouragement through this process. The work BOUNCE students do blesses people who have been through a very difficult time. To get them in situations where they are not in substandard housing and provide a sense of normalcy, God uses that to encourage them.”

Students are learning to be a reflection of Christ’s love, and other important lessons, as they work to rehabilitate homes.

“We talk to our students about representing Jesus everywhere they go,” Hagel said. “To be intentional about the work they’re doing and to consider the people living in these homes as they work … We want them to look at people and have a Christ-like heart for others.”

After completing construction projects and sharing Christ during the day, students were hosted by First Baptist Church Nederland and recharged with worship.

“Students work hard. It’s a great experience to see them pour all day and then fill back up through worship each night,” Hagel said.

For Scott, BOUNCE is about more than just the transformation of homes.

“It’s so important for youth ministries and churches to have a missional element in what they do with students,” he emphasized. “Missions can be a transformational experience for students; an opportunity for them to grow in their faith, to embrace service and to give them a sense of a missional life.”

For information about future BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery missions, visit

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