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Tim Fuller welcomed by Center for Church Health as new African American Specialist for Evangelism🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Texas Baptists Communications on August 15, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“My goal is to educate, equip and empower churches to declare, demonstrate and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ”

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Congreso sends students out to “Illuminate” communities for Christ🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Texas Baptists Communications on April 20, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

93 students became believers in Christ Easter weekend at Congreso, one of the largest Hispanic youth evangelism conferences in the U.S.

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Free van rides during spring break leads to gospel conversations and professions of faith by college students during Beach Reach🔸正规极速赛车平台

by George Schroeder on March 29, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

"May all these vans with funny names be filled up with passionate praise and gospel witness."

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Students embark on a Spring Break mission to South Padre Island🔸正规极速赛车平台

by George Schroeder on March 3, 2023 in Stories of Impact🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“It’s a strategic moment in the college rhythm,”

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Rural evangelism in a changing landscape🔸正规极速赛车平台

by George Schroeder on March 1, 2023 in Stories of Impact🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“A pastor in today’s world and ministry, you have to get out of your box, out of your office,”

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Statewide Evangelism conference offers training for pastors, lay leaders🔸正规极速赛车平台

by George Schroeder on January 25, 2023 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“The church is good at huddling, but (Jesus) said, ‘I want you to go!’”

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Equipping believers to defend their faith in the Philippines and in Texas🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Shaw on November 9, 2022 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“Having this knowledge can make the church relevant again in the public sphere of ideas and influence,”

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Urban apologetics explained and taught at Recharge🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Shaw on October 14, 2021 in News🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

"...we should be engaged in that which is not sin, but which makes you feel relevant and relatable so that it opens the door to share the gospel,”

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A summer of evangelism and equipping through Super Summer🔸正规极速赛车平台

by Bonnie Shaw on August 9, 2021 in Church Health🔸极速赛车pk5码冠军

“When they’re here, they’re immersed in learning the importance of sharing their faith and not being intimidated,”

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