Annual Spring Pocket Park Cleanup

Today, Thursday April 27, 2017, was the annual Pocket Park cleanup in downtown Dennis Port. What amazes me after a number of years of doing this is the 12-15 volunteers that just show up once a date and time goes out in an email. As usual the volunteers range in age from 2-80. A number of volunteers come from the following organizations: Dennis Port Revitalization Committee, South Side Civic Association, Village Garden Club of Dennis and as always the Dennis DPW, who brings the mulch and stone dust and picks up the trash ( as you can see in the below photos ) the volunteers piled up. A special Thank You to my friends, Tom Carroll and Bob Mullen, who also participate every year and bring the power tools for trimming and a pick up truck to pickup and return wheelbarrows. Last but not least, is another Thank You to Alyson Bucchiere, owner of Buckie’s, that supplies free coffee to all the volunteers year after year. Another Thank You goes out to, Pat Sakellis,  the Pocket Park Field General who organizes the cleanup every year and doing triple duty representing all three of the above mentioned organizations.