A Big Spike in B&E’s

Below is a very brief summary of Officer Ryan Carr’s Crime Watch meeting last night. As you can see there is a very dramatic increase in B&E’s ( Breaking and Entering ) these B&E’s usually run in cycles depending upon who is in jail and who just got released. You also have bored teenagers that think it’s fun and first time nitwits trying their hand at their new occupation. I agree with Ryan about the security and peace of mind having a security system in your home. I have had one since day 1 and couldn’t imagine not having one ( probably due to my previous line of work ! ). Depending on who or what company you get for the security system, after the initial installation, it cost less than $1.00 a day for monitoring at a central station with the company I’m with. If you have a closed up seasonal home with no alarm and no one checking the house for you it could be weeks or even months before the crime is discovered. If they broke a window or forced a door to gain entrance you could have a wildlife refuge in your home when you return. Just some food for thought. We will do our best to keep you informed through the winter.

He talked about the 8 houses that were recently B&E’ed in the Ferncliff Road area of Dennis Port. “A good deal of jewelry and electronic equipment was stolen. We’re still notifying homeowners and trying to determine what/how much was stolen.”

There was also a B&E on Laurel Rd. in Dennis Port, on Jan. 19th and the 100 Block of Upper County in DP on Jan. 20th.
Also discussed calling in suspicious activity, scams, alarm systems and home automation (and the cost benefit analysis of expense vs. peace of mind).