Division Street Gateway
Above is a perspective view looking from Division Street west toward the corner of Main Street and Upper County Road in Dennis Port Village. A proposed “modern” round-a-bout is seen in the foreground. Marking the center is a monument topped by a schooner pointing toward the ocean. New buildings on the Job Lot and A & P site frame the street and define a new public plaza for outdoor dining. While the gas station can remain with modifications, this scenario shows the possibility of a long-term vision where the gas station is replaced by a civic building to create a strong identity at this critical gateway. The Rite Aid parking lot has been lined with booths for a farmer’s market, further enclosing the space and creating a strong entry into Dennis Port Village.


Route 28 Gateway
This rendering shows the western gateway to Dennis Port at the Route 28 bridge. A new sign spanning a widened sidewalk notifies drivers and pedestrians that they are entering Dennis Port. The sign, comprised of two white wood turned posts, a unique historical element of Dennis Port, and the Dennis Port trademark schooner and oyster shell, creates a sense of identity for the Village. In the background, new buildings have been placed at the street frontage to create a stronger sense of place and provide an opportunity for a seasonal ice cream shack or oyster bar to generate greater activity at this scenic gateway.


Chase Avenue
This bird’s eye rendering shows the Hotel/Resort area along Chase Avenue and Inman Road. Many existing buildings have been retained, with new buildings added to better frame the street and the pedestrian corridors leading to the ocean. New buildings along Chase Avenue provide more visible space for gift shops, restaurants and other uses that benefit from pedestrian foot traffic. While building heights are limited to 2 1/2 stories along the street, greater heights are allowed toward the backs of lots and new projects are encouraged to open views and access to the water from the street.


Old Wharf Road
Above is a view looking south toward Old Wharf Road and the ocean. In the foreground across from Old Wharf Road are two new hotel buildings fronting a public green. This more formal space creates a new amenity for the cottages and a center for community activity. In the background, existing cottages have been retained, creating a charming mix of building types, all of which could be operated by a single hotel or maintained under separate ownership. This and other scenarios for the cottage colonies presume a solution to the wastewater, which could include the use of package systems.