Dennis Port vs. Dennisport

The question I’ve heard on a daily basis for years; Is it Dennis Port ( 2 words ) or Dennisport (one word ) ? The Dennis Historical Commission with full support of the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee brought this always hot topic before the Selectmen last night and left very happy.

It’s official, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously last night ( 2/18/14 ) to recognize the spelling of the Village as two words. The Dennis Historical Commission and the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee have always used Dennis Port  ( 2 words ). Historically it always has been Dennis Port.

Thomas Howes was appointed the first Postmaster of Crocker’s Neck in 1862. One of the first things he did was change the name from Crocker’s Neck to Dennis Port.  At the time Dennis Port had a very active fishing industry. There were a number of ships registered out of Dennis Port and we had 4 wharfs, at least one wharf was 600 ft. long at the end of Depot St. ( not to be confused with Depot Rd. also in Dennis Port ). The wharf had a number of buildings on it to service the fishing and shipping industry. If anyone ever comes across a picture or painting of any of these wharfs, please contact me.

Several things happened along the way that morphed Dennis Port into Dennisport ( 1 word ). We will leave that explanation for another day.

The Dennis Port Post Office uses Dennis Port on all its internal paperwork, computers etc. It is in the process of separating DENNISPORT on the outside of the building into 2 words.

All historical literature and material about Dennis and its Villages, including the book “The History of Barnstable County” refers to Dennis Port as 2 words.

The Town of Dennis website has made changes to reflect Dennis Port as 2 words.

If you Google Dennisport ( one word ) it will ask you, Do you mean Dennis Port ?

Wikipedia uses Dennis Port.

The majority of internet sites all use Dennis Port, weather, navigation, gps, maps etc.

The debate will continue:  Dennis Port ( 2 words ) vs. Dennisport ( 1 word ), but now you have the knowledge and brief history behind Dennis Port. It is officially recognized as Dennis Port.