Downtown Dennis Port 1950

Where were you in 1950 and the early 60’s ? Thanks to Phil Griswold, who has owned the gas station at Main St. & Upper County for 57 years,  we have a few old pictures of downtown. The picture of the Mobil gas station is from 1950. Look closely and you will see the Coke machine on the right side of the garage door. A bottle of Coke was 5 cents. The Pier 11 East Restaurant is the present location of BZ’s.  Appleton’s Hardware store, Mabel’s Mixing Bowl and the Cape Cod Bakery have all since been demolished and the present gas station sits at that location. On the South side of the street the Davenport store is the present location of the Antique Center. In the picture with Malone’s Rexall Drug store, that is the present location of Power Yoga of Cape Cod. The alley is the present location of West Bend Music. If you look closely at that same picture you will see Henderson’s Hardware 2 stores up from the alley ( white sign ). That is the present location of the Pocket Park. The brown building after the alley is the present home of Buckies’.

In the bottom picture the Dollar Store now stands where the back of the house was on the left side of the picture. The next house up is the present location of the Save-On gas station in Harwich. I would love comments to share from anyone that was around in those days and what downtown was like 64 years ago. Enjoy….

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