Graffiti at Haigis Beach


Graffiti 1/16/14

The Wall at Haigis Beach on Old Wharf Road was the recent target of vandals with way to much time on their hands. There is a Community Policing philosophy called ” Broken Windows” . The premise is, if there is vandalism or damage to property and it is not immediately corrected it will spread like a cancer. The nitwits will sense that no one cares and the vandalism and blight will escalate. As the vandalism escalates, residents move out and create more targets for the vandals. So, the moral of the story here is, we are all in this together if you see graffiti or vandalism report it immediately to the police. The police will in turn contact the property owner and request that it be removed or repaired immediately. In this case Dennis DPW was notified on Thursday and less than 24 hours later the wall and the whales were repainted. The Dennis Port Revitalization Committee and area residents would like to commend the Dennis DPW for their quick response and remediation of the problem.
We also have bigger plans for this wall in the Spring with assistance from Heritage Sands. Stay Tuned and Be Alert…..

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