Houston, we have activity at Griswold’s Gas Station !

Here is the scoop on Griswold’s gas station. That is an environmental company performing a 21E evaluation for Mobil. A 21E is a check for contaminants underground. This will be a 5 day evaluation and is a preliminary step to removing the underground gasoline tanks, the overhang and the empty sign structure at the point. Depending upon what is found, if anything, a remediation plan will be submitted by this company on how to proceed with the removal. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but it is a start. There are several people interested in this property once the tanks are removed and it is given a clean bill of health !!!!

Hopefully the removal of the pumps, tanks and overhang will also be happening in the very near future at the Speedway gas station across from Jack’s 28 Club. Stay patient and stay calm !