National Night Out

Dennis Port is happy and proud to announce that National Night Out will be held for the third consecutive year in downtown Dennis Port. There will also be a free concert on the Village Green at 6 p.m. Fun Times…..don’t forget we also have the Mike Stacy playground for the young ones.

National Night Out is always a great time for the kids and adults alike……Mark your calendar, Tuesday, Aug. 1 2017.

Hello all,


This message is primarily meant for the business folks in town, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to get everyone “in the know!”  If you know of any business owner or manager that might be interested in the following info, please feel free to forward it along.


Tuesday, August 1st is National Night Out.  For those that may not know, this is our annual “block party” and the idea behind it is to get the community together and display and discuss what we do, and how we do it as a police agency.  Many years ago, we thought we should start opening the displays up to other town agencies.  When now-Sgt. Patsavos and I began running the event many years ago, we took the momentum our predecessors provided and began to incorporate as many community members as we could to show off all that Dennis has to offer.  Food and drink was incorporated.  Our only rule is that everything is free.  Our hope was to get kids and families out to meet us at a free and fun-filled event.


This year the event will once again be held at the Dennis Port Village Green (Mike Stacey Park) in downtown Dennis Port.  We will close Hall Street at 3pm for setup.  The event will run from 4 to 7pm.  This year we already have Cape Cod Broadcasting scheduled to appear, we will piggy-back the South Side Civic Association’s Summer Concert series, and the Army Nation Guard will be setting up a go-cart course!  There are many more displays and fun planned.


This is where I come with hat-in-hand.  We have been grateful for donations in the past, as our operating budget does not allow for us to pay for the type of party we hope to throw.  Our donation requests include hot dogs and hamburgers, condiments, waters, paper plates and napkins, cheese, and hamburger buns/hot dog rolls.  If anyone out there can help us out, not only will you have our gratitude and thanks, but I have come up with another way to thank you:


We have 5,000 followers on Facebook.  I’m looking to make August “Community Partners Month” and each day, I’ll schedule a post on our page.  I’d like to have a cruiser in front of the business/organization and a plug giving thanks with a picture and a link to the business’s Facebook page.


So if you think you might be able to help out with a donation of anything on the list, please let me know and we can coordinate!


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, and I hope that everyone and their families can make it to this fun event.  This is my 7th time coordinating National Night Out, and it’s a blast.  It’s definitely a highlight of the year for the PD – and a great display of how awesome Dennis really is.


Patrolman Ryan Carr

Community Policing Officer, CPS

Emergency Medical Services Officer

Community Services Division

Dennis Police Department

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