New Tenants Coming to Downtown

Downtown Dennis Port has once again hit the jackpot with Darby Ziruk purchasing the 6 stores on the north side of Main St. this past summer. Darby is the proud owner of the popular Organic Market at the corner of Telegraph & Main St. ( also known as Rt. 28 ) as well as 2 other Organic Markets in Chatham and Mashpee.

Darby has called in the remodeling crew who have been very busy fixing and replacing everything from the foundation up. New exteriors and interiors, new wiring, new exterior lighting for each store. She also plans to light up the trees in front of the stores. She has retained 2 of the present tenants, Sodium and Faces Gallery. Darby has already rented out the other 4 stores to new tenants. Hint, the new tenants all have artistic backgrounds and you will be able to purchase jewelry downtown this spring. The new tenants will start setting up in December and all will be open for the Spring.

We would like to thank Darby Ziruk for her energy, vision and commitment to Dennis Port. Let’s not forget Fred McFadden and Summit Reality who were the catalyst for the revitalization of the downtown area. Another Thank You goes out to Lee Carter out in San Francisco who owns the building that has Greg Mentzer Studio and Main St. Antiques. Lee made a significant contribution for our new sail boat mural. Not only did she give us permission to use her wall for the mural, but paid to have all her walls re-pointed and primed for the mural. Lee  also remodeled the front of her building last spring.

Now, if we can do something with the gas station and Dennis Etzkorn finishes the strip mall, downtown Dennis Port will be the place to be.

MassDot will begin their complete street program as soon as next September and that will really transform the downtown area with a new Main St., crosswalks, better drainage, new antique type lamps and banners along the new sidewalks. This project will start at the corner of Main St. and Upper County and head east to the front driveway of Dennis Commons. This will be a $3.5 million dollar project. Eighty percent is Federal and twenty percent is paid by the State.










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