Newly Painted Village Gazebo

Spiffy Refurbished Gazebo.

Over the past couple of weeks the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Dept. and their Community Program have scrapped, sanded and repainted the Gazebo on the Village Green. The cost to the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee was minimal with the DPRC picking up the tab for lunch and paint. All Cape Aluminum is having the wooden plaque, R.B. Murphy Memorial Bandstand, redone at their cost.

A big Thank You to South Side Civic Association for their participation and coordination with this project. This project would not have been accomplished without the oversight of the Chatelain Father and Son duo of Ed Chatelain, President of SSCA and Ned Chatelain DPRC member and SSCA Officer.

Obviously a big shout out to Sheriff Cummings and his Community Service Program. The inmates did a very professional job.

Let the concerts begin !!!!!