Nips, Nips and more Nips !!!

It’s like an epidemic of empty nip bottles, not just in Dennis Port but everywhere. There is a movement underway to finally address the problem. The Dennis Port Revitalization Committee has notified the Dennis Licensing Board about the problem. Lukes Liquor Stores are taking a pro active approach by having a table and petition at the entrance to all their stores, including their Dennis Port store, for residents to sign, that would include a deposit on all nips to help alleviate the problem.

Obviously it probably won’t have any major affect on people littering and discarding them, but will start a new business for individuals that already pick up discarded cans and bottles.

The Register newspaper addressed this issue 2 weeks ago in an editorial as well as our state legislators. The DPRC  totally supports any efforts to clean up this problem.

The below photo was taken by Susan McDonald from the collection she picked up on one of her walks in the vicinity of Division St. in Dennis Port. We will keep on top of this and let you know of any activity, hearings, meetings etc.