Siasconset Ave Annual 4th of July Party

This is a great story and tradition by the residents of Siasconset Ave in Dennis Port. The below story was written by Siasconset resident Kristen Levy and the photo was taken by Matt Marcella. This is what the true spirit of community and neighbors can accomplish. Congratulations on your 16th anniversary of a great tradition.


This July 4th the residents of Siasconset Avenue, along with family and friends will gather for the 16th annual Siasconset Fourth of July Cookout and Parade, a tradition that over the years has grown in both size and spirit.

“What began as a lark has grown into something quite special,” says Denise Marcella, who is among the original six who began this tradition during a casual Memorial Day get together back in 2000. The group had decided it would be fun to throw a fourth of July party and invite everyone on the street to join. George and Deb Fisher agreed to host and that year thirty people showed up for Siasconset’s first Fourth of July Celebration.

A few hours into the party it was agreed that in order to make their Fourth of July celebration official they should have a parade. The party took a time-out as they all hurried off to their respective homes gathering pots, pans, wooden spoons and anything else that would make noise. They returned to the Fishers home and embarked on their first parade down Siasconset Avenue, unaware that their small steps were the first steps in a bigger journey that would last for years to come.

When I asked George Fisher what he thought made this party and parade unique he replied “It’s simple. Everyone shares in the work, everyone brings food and everyone cleans up. It’s a throwback. It’s hamburgers and hotdogs with a deeper meaning”

The street itself is unique. There are homes on one side and conservation land on the other. It’s often used as a cut through because of its direct connection between two main roads in Dennis Port, Lower County and Shad Hole, but for those who call this street home its connection is one of greater value.

In 2002 on the wave of patriotism that followed 9/11 they began singing the National Anthem and a short talk was given in remembrance of their friend Brian whose attendance at the previous year’s party would be his last. Brian was a passenger on the plane that hit the second tower of the World Trade Center.

In 2011 after the passing of George’s wife Deb Fisher, the neighborhood purchased a bench that they placed on West Dennis Beach at the Bass River and dedicated in her memory. Two years later they planted a rose bush in memory of June Giordano, the wife of Pete Giordano, A.K.A., The Mayor of Siasconset.

The celebration that started with six currently averages over 100 attendees. Through the years strangers have become friends and friends have become family. Children are now adults and couples have become families. Some have passed on leaving their spirit behind.

This year for the sixteenth year in a row, they will honor America and each other as they proudly march down Siasconset Avenue on a shared journey of triumph and loss, to celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.