Spring is in the Air !!!

Only 38 more days to Spring ! A sure sign that spring is not far away are the West Dennis restaurants reopening after their winter break.

The old Marathon restaurant in West Dennis, 231 Route 28, was completely remodeled over the winter and reopened today, 2/11/14, as the Bass River Burrito & Fish Co. The interior has all new tables, chairs and booths and several wide screen T.V.’s. Check out their new menu at www.bassriverburritofishco.com. Stop in and say Hi to Bill Walther and his staff.

Next up is Kreme and Kone opening tomorrow and Paradise Pizza reopens Saturday.

With one to 2 feet of snow still on the ground all the beaches are still closed 2 weeks after the Blizzard of 2015. The below picture is the closed sign at West Dennis Beach. All the Dennis Port beaches along Old Wharf Rd. are still closed as well.

Construction is continuing through very trying winter weather at Heritage Sands. Cottages are still going up and other equipment and materials are being delivered. Not a fun time to be in the construction industry. We have had the snow and the wind, with gusts up to 72 mph, but now we are going for below zero record cold into next week.

Architectural plans have been delivered to Town Hall to remodel the facade of the strip mall across from the Dollar Store, where Marine Liquors is located.

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