Thank You to the Clean-Up Crew

As luck would have it, 6 a.m. weather is o.k., 7 a.m, weather is still good, 8 a.m. 30 mph gusts and a driving rainstorm. It was almost comical that the weather was at its absolute worse as we started the cleanup. 11 dedicated, wind driven, completely soaked to the bone volunteers filled 6 trash bags with winter debris. Nobody was going to enter a beauty or best dressed contest after the clean-up. A big “Thank You” to the volunteer  clean-up crew. Rob Brennan, Cy Howe, Tom Carroll, Ed & Agnes Chatelain, Linda Slowe and her sister Mary ( who provided refuge for the coffee and bagel party ), Jane Remy, Bob & Joan Surrette and yours truly. Missing from the below group photo is the photographer, Bob Surrette and camera shy, Tom Carroll. Another “Thank You”, goes out to Rob Brennan and Heritage Sands for not only participating in the clean-up, but providing the coffee and bagels. ” Into each life, a little rain must fall.”

Soaked to the bone Clean-Up Crew at Haigis Beach

Soaked to the bone Clean-Up Crew at Haigis Beach, missing from the photo Tom Carroll and Bob Surrette


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