Thank You Brenda Donovan

I would like to Thank Brenda Donovan, owner of Swan River Web Design of Dennis Port, for her generosity hosting this website for the past 7 years. Not only did she donate her services as host of the web site, but she had to tolerate my late night emails and phone calls when the gremlins attacked the site over the years. On behalf of the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee we wish Brenda nothing but the best in her new future endeavors. Thanks a million for your service to the DPRC for the past 7 years.

Obviously we want to keep a host site in Dennis Port and the 118 Group, 279 Lower County Rd. Dennis Port has stepped forward to host this site for the near future. The transfer should be complete early next week and we look forward to working with the 118 group to improve our web page over the coming months.