The Making of a Mural

We now have 2 murals downtown with a 3rd mural in the pipeline. This second mural, the sunfish mural, has 12 multi colored sunfish type sailboats. It is painted on a 70′ foot long wall, 12′ high opposite the strip mall downtown. The mural was painted by students over the summer from local schools and out of state students under the direction of our own local artist, Hans de Castellane, who is the owner of the de Castellane Gallery at 669 Main St. Dennis Port. Hans also painted our first mural, with the assistance of DY students back in 2012, on a wall in the rear of Auntie’s Ice Cream Parlor on Hall St.

AFCC_color_webWe have been very fortunate on these 2 murals to get generous grants from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod ( AFCC ) and local supporters. Other donations come from tee shirt sales through the Dennis Port Merchants Association, raffles and other mechanisms to raise funds. The owners of the properties also donate the use of their wall and the prep work to get the wall ready for the mural.

To respect the history of Dennis Port all of the murals have a nautical theme. In 1865 the 1st Postmaster changed the name from Crockers Neck to Dennis Port. At the time Dennis Port had a thriving fishing industry with multiple boats and fishermen sailing from 3 large wharves in Nantucket Sound. Now in 2015, Dennis Port, is the vacation capital of Cape Cod. People come to Dennis Port for the beaches on Nantucket Sound. On any given summer day you can see sailboats out on Nantucket Sound.

To fulfill the requirements of the AFCC grants, students must participate in the mural. Once the theme for the mural is agreed upon by a number of people and organizations the schedule begins.

For this mural we have multiple major components, water, sailboats, sky, landscape. Hans will direct the students on how to paint the ocean, sky and background on the wall. Hans will outline the boats and the students will paint the boats and sails. This particular mural was conceived a little over a year ago after much discussion and 2 other potential concept ideas.

We hope you enjoy this mural as much as we do for years to come. There are over 50 pictures in the below slideshow, it may run a little slow and will not be in chronological order. The mural started in the first week of July and will be finished by the second week of November. Hans is tidying things up and adding special finishing touches to the mural. See if you can find the lighthouse or seagulls or a cat. Do you recognize anyone in the sailboat?

Very well done, very colorful and another major attraction for downtown Dennis Port.

Please let me know if you are experiencing any problems with the slideshow….Enjoy

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