Update from Officer Ryan Carr, Dennis P.D.

This is a copy of an email blast sent out by Officer Ryan Carr today. ( 2/10/15 )

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Having fun yet? Isn’t the snow picturesque? Don’t you just love the appearance of wind-swept snow along our beautiful beaches? Ah, Cape Cod in the wintertime….

OK, just made myself nauseous. How about the ten foot snow drifts and the snow banks you can’t see around? Wet slush that makes your socks soggy? Blocks of snow and ice the snow blower can’t cut through? The kids not in school? Now we’re talking winter on Cape Cod! It’s been unreal with this weather. It just leaves you dumbfounded, shaking your head in disbelief at the weather predictions…6 to 12 inches Thursday night into Friday, worst of it on the Cape…computer models saying Saturday into Sunday could be blizzard conditions…more next week…the jet stream staying where it is could mean this type of stuff until March! Enough! For those of you in New England, I feel for you, watching the news is so disheartening. The MBTA shut down again?!?! I’m not even acknowledging those of you in Florida…

That group of house breaks in the Ferncliff Road area of Dennis Port seems to be the only major problem we have had in terms of B&E’s and larcenies. We’ve had a few search warrants executed looking for drugs, plenty of mental health issues around to keep us busy, storm related “stuff” like accidents, getting cars unstuck, cabin-fever domestic issues, and we’ve been getting used to the new faces and new office spaces around here. Chief DiMatteo is settling in, and there are a number of new faces amongst the patrol ranks. Captain Monahan retired after over 40 years of service, and Deborah Thompson, our Victim Services Coordinator has moved on to become the Director of the Council on Aging. We will soon be looking at internal movement, as we promote a new Deputy Chief, a new Lieutenant to serve as Patrol Commander, and other movement amongst the lower ranks to fill in gaps.

I’m getting a bunch of messages regarding scams and fraud attempts. I hate to say it, but they just don’t seem to stop. The legitimacy of each call varies, some being ridiculous, others sounding plausible. These come in all forms: emails, texts, and phone calls. The IRS scam seems to be huge lately. I’ve been getting them personally on my home and cell phones. I usually give the phone to my 7 year old and even she gets frustrated with them after a while. It does add some entertainment value to the nuisance these knuckleheads present, but rest assured, these are scams. No police agency will kick in your door for being late with a tax payment. Don’t buy into anything where the person asks you to wire money. Chances are your grandkid is not in jail and needs bail money in East Bumbleburgh. And no, you didn’t win the lottery in a country you haven’t been to. My latest one was that I won a cruise for two – I just had to pay the taxes! Imagine that!

Joking aside, these are a nuisance, and people fall prey to them. Unfortunately, caller ID is no longer an effective tool. I found an “App” (application) that I downloaded to my iPhone that allows me to put in any number I want, and it appears on your phone if I call you! Ridiculous. I never answer any call when I don’t recognize the number. I have to call many people back, but they understand.

Be vigilant, be warm, be safe. Good luck with this next salvo of storms. Kids will be home, I’ll be at work, and we’ll all be digging out again!

Patrolman Ryan Carr
Community Policing Officer, CPS
Emergency Medical Services Officer
Community Services Division
Dennis Police Department
774-352-1528 (Direct)
508-394-1313 (Dispatch)