Vote YES on Article 17 at Town Meeting

The Dennis Port Revitalization Committee ( DPRC ) has voted unanimously to extend the time frame for Seasonal Resort Community ( SRC ) on a citizen’s petition. This By-Law change to Section 12.6 has been discussed for over 5 years. The time for the extension to the By-Law is now. We urge the voters attending the Oct. 18, 2017  Town Meeting to vote YES on Article 17.

There is no burden to the infrastructure of the Town or the Village of Dennis Port. At this time we are only talking about one ( Heritage Sands ) of the six SRC’s in Dennis and 5 are located in Dennis Port on Old Wharf Rd. Heritage Sands at the moment is the only SRC that meets the requirements and can get an occupancy permit for the off season.

Heritage Sands is also the only SRC to meet the DEP mandate to upgrade their septic system. It remains to be seen how the other 5 SRC’s address the DEP mandate. There are a total of 63 units in Heritage Sands. How many units that would take advantage of the extension is unknown at this time. Every person that we can get to support the local businesses and restaurants in the off season is beneficial to the Town with the additional meal tax. Hopefully some Holiday shopping will take place at the local downtown businesses and help our merchants survive the off season.

The charge to the DPRC from the Town is to work with developers, business owners and landlords to improve the economic conditions of Dennis Port. The extension can only benefit the downtown and surrounding areas of Dennis Port. At a time when Benny’s is closing and the Speedway gas station at the western end of the downtown area is scheduled to close on Nov. 1st. and we have a closed, empty gas station as a landmark to the eastern gateway to the Town and the Village we can use all the help we can get.

The attached Article 17 is pretty self explanatory. If you have any questions feel free to ask by commenting on our Facebook Page or email me at

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We need your YES vote to continue the progress and improvements to Dennis Port.